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Saturday, 23 May 2009

English Essay Assessment

Assalamualaikom semoa~

Minta maap bebanyak kpd peminat2 gua semua. Disebabkan atas masalah teknikal, gua x dpt nk sambongkn dgn post yg gua dh cadangkn mggu lps. Post kli ni patotnye jd antare post yg pling bes. Sebab dh xde modal nk ganti ape utk post kli ni, tibe mak aku suro letak english essay aku yg x seberape n agak rosak nih, haha. Post kli ni merupakan post pling buhsan.
So enjoy~


It’s a cool breezy day. I stand up from the bed and walk straight to the dusty window. Watching people’s lives is my daily routine. An old man with white singlet is walking around the park with his grandchild. Both of them are laughing, chatting and having fun. They remind me of my old, sweet Grandfather. Visiting Grandfather is my greatest treasure.

“Alright guys, we are here now,” said Dad. Seven hours in the car was exhausting, but it was worth it to visit my lovely Grandfather. I stepped out of the car and took a deep breath. The warm feel of the air and the fresh smell of flowers had never changed. I walked slowly along the path and saw a tall figure standing at the gate. Yes! I can’t wait to see Grandfather! I told myself with excitement.

Grandfather as usual was waiting at the gate with his ancient white singlet, supported by his walking stick that Dad bought last year. Grandfather was the same as he was before. He had a shiny bald head and a long goatee beard. He was also as tall as the lamp post opposite of the house and as skinny as his walking stick. “Hey sonny! How is it going?” greeted Grandfather as we walked through the door with our heavy bags full of clothes.

It was a lovely night. Grandfather cooked his best meal, chicken curry. Grandfather was a professional chef in a luxury restaurant in France. That was why his cooking was always the best. The taste of the chicken curry was like no other chicken curries I had tasted before. The juicy taste of the chicken and the sweet smell of the curry were perfect. “Come here sonny,” said Grandfather as he winked at me. My heart beat increased with excitement. It was the time I was waiting for, Grandfather’s amazing stories. “In World War Two, the Japanese Soldiers marched across…” I had always admired his stories. His stories were always interesting and exciting. His stories drove me to the world of fantasy, as if I was in the story. Story telling was one of his specialties.

The next morning I woke up earlier than usual and was hoping for more excitement. Grandfather taught me how to make a toy gun with rubber bands and wooden sticks. To make a toy gun was harder than expected, but luckily, I managed to make it. “Like your new toy gun eh?” said Grandfather. I smiled cheerfully. The morning was merrier than ever.

Luckily, today was a windy day. The kite that I made flew really high until it reached the maximum height and it snapped. Unlucky. Grandfather and I were having a great time together. Sadly, it was the day we had to leave. I wished I could stay here with Grandfather for the rest of my life.

“Sonny, I have faith in you. I know one day, you’ll be a better person. You have a bright future ahead of you,” whispered Grandfather as I hugged him tightly. The sadness made me feel weak and powerless. I let loose of my hug and smiled. I walked straight to Dad’s bright red car and suddenly, tears started to fall down my cheeks. I had the feeling that this was the last time I was going to see him again. The thought was racing inside my mind. I waved my hand in the air joyfully. Grandfather waved back and smiled.

Three years later, he died. I was shocked and astounded. My thought was right after all. Although Grandfather is not here anymore, our unforgettable memories will never fade. The death of Grandfather motivated me to be a better person and to strive harder for the future.

The End :D

p/s: Sorry la, xde margin utk paragraphy :P

Salam & Selamat